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Awada Vision Dr. Hassan Awada Ocularist Lebanon UAE Iraq Syria Jordan Qatar Bahrain Kuwait When it comes to Eye Prosthesis and Low vision, we are considered as a leading center in the Middle East region. Eye Prosthesis: In the Whole Middle East region, we solely use the 3D technique to take exact measures for the eye cavity. Our techniques are highly sophisticated and computer aided which enables us to go through the full process in one day, guaranteeing an exact color matching of the eye. This service is available in all our centers in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and very soon in the UAE. Low Vision: This section is equipped with the top-of-line aids to help patients with low vision cases, that cannot be corrected with a regular eye glasses, to recapture their, almost, normal vision. (ip host:) United States California Hacienda Heights 91745 03.05.2016 13:03:50

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